Get URL from which Flash was downloaded into browser

protocol = _url.substr(0, _url.indexOf(":"));
if (protocol == "file") {
// Let's be nice:
// If the leecher downloaded the SWF, well let them play it
// on their on computer
alertMsg = "It seems you are trying out this SWF on your local hard disk.
That's ok, but be aware that this SWF will only work if played on the source
} else if (protocol == "http") {
// doubleSlash
// ===========
// The location of the first occurance of a "//" in the url.
// url's are formed as following:
// [protocol]://[server]/[pathname]
// Where protocol is any udp such as ftp, file, http, etc
doubleSlash = _url.indexOf("//");
// server
// ======
// Isolate the server name: Go past the "//", and everything
// between the doubleslash and the next "/" (single slash")
// is a server name
server = _url.substr(doubleSlash+2, _url.indexOf("/",
// Let's get rid of the "www" prefix, because
// sometimes servers recognize the address without this
// prefix.
// Here's a little catch!
// What if the user typed ""
// That is not the same as ""
// (The difference is in the caps)
server = server.toUpperCase();
// Get rid of the WWW. prefix
// so we can focus on examining only the server domain name
if (server.indexOf("WWW.")<>-1) {
server = server.substr(server.indexOf("WWW.")+4, server.length);
if (server.indexOf("MYDOMAIN.COM")<>-1 or
server.indexOf("MYDOMAIN2.COM")<>-1) {
alertMsg = "Copyrights are being preserved";
} else {
alertMsg = "Alert! This film's copyrights are being infringed! A alertMsg is
being sent to author that you have copied his work. Expect the copyright police
to arrive 15 minutes at your doorsteps. \nOffending website path: "+_url;
// Here you can put code to redirect the film to another frame
// or to getURL to a page on your site that reports a stolen goods page...
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